Useful Links

Computer Science Education Week Posters
A very useful set of posters about various computer science topics.
Computer Languages Timeline
A timeline of computer programming languages available as a poster.
A great place to find and share open source code.
Google Code
A fantastic starting point for many different areas of computer science and computer programming.
How we teach introductory computer science is wrong
What approaches work better when teaching computer programming?
The Little Coder's Predicament
An essay about modern programming environments and how they are not conducive to young people learning to program.
Programming is the new literacy
Is computer programming as important as being able to read and write?
Computer Programming for Everybody
A comprehensive essay about the importance of computer programming in education.
Is learning to program inherently hard?
An article about learning to program, and why it is difficult.
Programming languages do have speed
A discussion about what makes programming languages inherently fast or slow.
Visualisation of Sorting Algorithms
A great website to assist with teaching various sorting algorithms.