About This Site

This site was designed by Samuel Williams as part of Computer Science Education course run by Tim Bell and Lynn Lambert. It has been designed to improve the awareness of different programming languages.

For more details regarding the research that lead to the development of this site, please see the report.


The title ‘Programming Dojo’ was chosen due to the nature of our goal: Programming is a pathway to a greater understanding of the universe (in a metaphysical sense). The word ‘Dojo’ is actually pronounced ‘Dou-Jyou’, and written in Japanese Kanji ‘道場’; a crude translation: ‘Dou’ means pathway, and ‘Jyou’ means place. ‘Programming Dojo’ simply means the place where one can start on the pathway of programming.


The programming language logos on this site are copyright their respective owners, and may be registered trademarks. They have been used in good faith, but if there is a problem please bring it to our attention through the issue tracker.

Full copies of licenses associated with the programming language logos can be found under the third-party-licenses directory.

The Perl icon is generously provided by icons8.

The Swift logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Many source code examples were borrowed from Rosetta Code. Thanks to those people for putting together such a wide and varied resource.

The following people made significant contributions: Shlomi Fish, Stephen Bloch, David Mitchell, John Foster, Kyle Murphy, Chris Rebert, Helmut Jarausch, André Roberge and Michael Adams. Thanks for everyone's contribution and suggestions.

All content is released under the GNU Free Documentation License, unless otherwise indicated.


This site was built using Utopia. It uses jQuery.Syntax for syntax highlighting.


My company sponsors the development and hosting of this website.